History of the Hampton Roads Diversity & Inclusion Consortium

In 2011, the Hampton Roads Diversity & Inclusion Consortium (known formerly as the Regional Roundtable) was created to provide organizations with opportunities to share ideas, resources and lessons learned in our continued efforts to embrace diversity and build inclusive workplaces where diversity of thought and perspective becomes second nature and deeply ingrained in how we do business.

The mission of the associated local, state, federal and private sector organizations is to create a regional learning exchange for employers and employees to share ideas, initiatives and best practices on diversity and inclusion efforts, while bringing unique insight and perspectives.

HRDIC's goals are as follows:

  • Provide a venue in which to discuss and share best practices on how organizations can increase their diversity and inclusion awareness efforts in the workplace;
  • Utilize various opportunities within the region to elevate awareness of diversity and inclusion
  • Develop and maintain resources for ongoing diversity and inclusion efforts to support and promote diversity and inclusion in their workplaces;
  • Become an agent of change that will assist employers and others to ensure diversity and inclusion is embedded within the culture of their organizations.

Board Members

Emily C. Reaves City of Virginia Beach
Frances Knight Thompson Educational Equity Specialists, LLC
Kenneth Miller City of Virginia Beach
Billy McIntyre BM Designs
Jonathan Zur Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities
Teresa Diaz City of Virginia Beach
Sebrina Brown United States Postal Service


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