The HEIDI Award

Award Purpose

The Hampton Roads Employer Inclusion and Diversity Initiative (HEIDI) Award recognizes and honors the outstanding contributions and achievements of local businesses and organizations. Individuals presented with this award represent businesses or organizations that exemplify diversity and inclusion practices and demonstrate results in their workforce, workplace, and marketplace. Recipients of the HEIDI Award set the standards of excellence for the Hampton Roads Communities and the Eastern Shore of Virginia.


The Board will look at all local, city, state, federal, academia, and nonprofit –organizations in operation for at least two (2) years and who are responsible for achieving goals for the entire organization; or within an organization, business, or agency that represents a specific line of business or business unit. Membership with the Hampton Roads Diversity and Inclusion Consortium is not required.

Award applicants will be evaluated on contributions and achievements in the following categories:

  • Demonstrated results related to diversity and inclusion, including testimonials
  • Demonstrated management commitment to enforcing policies/standards related to diversity and inclusion
  • Measurement and accountability
  • Communication and education on diversity and inclusion issues
  • Organization engagement at all levels, such as Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)


One local, city, state, federal, academia, or nonprofit –organizations will receive their awards at the 2017 Eastern Virginia Regional Diversity & Inclusion Conference Luncheon at the Virginia Beach Convention Center on November 1, 2017.